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Innovation Endeavors
CipherMode Labs
CipherMode Labs

CipherMode is a new data utilization and sharing platform which preserves the confidentiality of data during the entire data lifecycle including the computation itself. Aside from higher security, enterprises will be able to seamlessly leverage their data across different organizations and/or jurisdictions without violating any privacy regulations and incurring any data breach risk. In addition, CipherMode allows secure collaboration between multiple enterprises. Applications range anywhere from co-marketing to drug discovery to fraud detection. CipherMode is a cryptographic software-only solution that, unlike other privacy-enhancing technologies, e.g., trusted execution environments and differential privacy, provides provable security guarantees. Compared to Homomorphic Encryption, CipherMode is between two to three orders of magnitude faster. The technology is based on more than seven years of academic research. CipherMode’s team consists of several world-leading experts in secure computation.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Founded in 2021
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