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Innovation Endeavors
Innovation Endeavors

SW Engineer



Other Engineering
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Posted on Friday, June 14, 2024

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for well-rounded engineers, who have the following skills and expertise in at least one of the listed domains.

Expected Skills

  • Experience owning a project from design to implementation
  • 3+ years working as a full-time engineer
  • Proficient in Python, Go, or Typescript
  • Comfortable exploring and answering questions with data and SQL

Security and Privacy Responsibilities

  • Follow our policy and procedure documents related to security and privacy
  • Follow the guidelines in the Employee Handbook
  • Follow the OWASP Top 10 guidelines when implementing and reviewing code
  • Participate in new hire and annual training for security and privacy
  • Treat data security and privacy as one of your primary job responsibilities
  • Report Security Incidents you discover as bugs
  • Get approval from the Security Team before adding new 3rd party software to our codebase
  • Explicitly consider security implications when doing PR reviews

Expertise in one or more of:

  • Building and managing large-scale batch or real-time data pipelines (Data)
  • Developing, monitoring, and iterating on production machine learning models (Machine Learning)
  • Deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructure (Infra/DevOps)
  • Designing and implementing backend microservices (Backend)
  • Managing state and creating reusable components in React (Frontend)

About the Role

Day 5

  • Learn about Viaduct’s history and mission
  • Get to know every team member
  • Understand Viaduct’s system architecture
  • Deep dive into the nuances of vehicle data
  • Attend our weekly company-wide meeting and engineering tech talk

Day 30

  • Understand the product roadmap and the pain-points of our customers
  • Contribute new features to the product
  • Refactor code, improve test coverage, or automate a manual process during an engineering hack day
  • Be familiar with the day-to-day workflow of your peers

Day 90

  • Own a piece of the Viaduct platform
  • Improve the onboarding process for future hires
  • Present about yourself the company-wide meeting and showcase your work at the engineering tech talk
  • Become involved in the recruiting process and help find more amazing people like yourself!